Brand Identity: A case for brand identity consistency in popular music

Consistent brand identity application should very much be a key element in any brand’s ongoing advertising, marketing and business objectives – even in the category of rock n’ roll.

Consistent brand identity is not boring

The distinctive logo for the band Chicago (designed by Nick Fasciano) has graced every album cover of the band’s discography in one form or another – with well over 25+ albums & releases in various formats!

Over the decades of the band’s existence, the logo has appeared in a variety of applications on their album covers: a chiselled woodcut, a Hershey chocolate bar partially unwrapped, engraved currency as well as the shape of a skyscraper culminating in the logo as the entire rooftop.

Logos and advertising should be designed to be timeless

This band’s iconic logo wordmark has stood the test of time and is an excellent example of consistent application of an identity in many advertising and marketing mediums and eras – and even over & through the course of the band’s major musical evolution from experimental jazz notions to rock and onward to lite-rock FM ballad hits.

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Mike Woroniak
Chief Creative Officer + Managing Partner
Arcas Advertising