An advertising agency that believes in what is appropriate

Arcas Advertising is an advertising agency specializing in branding, advertising, identity, communications and digital services. We partner with clients to help their brands grow by providing ideas that are appropriate for their business and marketing objectives. Arcas has established a reputation for effective and appropriate solutions – as well as a client-attested service delivery that understands the importance of time lines, budgets and open communication between the advertising agency and client group. We have set out a mantra to ensure that client service is built on trust – and that our service should equally match our standards for strategic and creative outputs in any client relationship.

What is the process a client can expect at Arcas?

Our process for developing strategic marketing and advertising plans is as follows:

Step 1 – Review all existing research and/or research any missing gaps within the target market in order to better understand the consumer (so that educated and intelligent marketing and advertising determinations can be made) and ensure the business objectives, strategies and problems/challenges are clear;

Step 2 – Synthesize the information and look for unique positioning opportunities;

Step 3 – Write the complete strategic marketing and advertising plan including target markets, priority needs/wants/problems, perceptual barriers, etc., as well as marketing (value) proposition, marketing messages, marketing channels and preliminary media plans and budgets;

Step 4 – Work with the creative and media team to refine the strategy and plans, including creative briefs, campaign development, and campaign execution;

Step 5 – Measure and analyze the outcomes and results.

Research. Then strategy. Then advertising.

You’ll often hear us say that, “Insightful research helps create a sound strategy. And that a sound strategy helps create effective, appropriate advertising.” We believe the best advertising ideas and executions are founded on this principle, as it keys in on the real perceptions, wants and needs of the consumer. At Arcas, it is not all that important what we think – it is more important to know and understand what the end consumer and target audience thinks.

We bill to estimate. Clients get no surprises.

The price a client agrees on at the outset is the amount they pay. This helps our team focus on deliverables and not just the hours it takes to complete them. No bait and switch — we only like good surprises. If for some reason a project needs budget amendments, you are informed and advised for approval during the course of the project’s development, not after.

No award shows? Nope. Meeting client objectives is our trophy.

We simply don’t enter advertising and design award competitions. And while we can appreciate peer and industry recognition (as well as fancy galas), we never want to lose focus of the real prize — achieving results and building trusting, long-term business relationships.

Arcas clients are welcomed as co-Creative Directors.

Good ideas should and can come from anyone. This is why this advertising agency embraces client participation in the creative process. In many cases, even the smallest client idea can spark bigger and better things – and those client ideas can often end up being the ‘big idea’ a campaign or creative execution might actually benefit from. We’re not fussy where an idea comes from. If it is the right and appropriate idea, it gets implemented. And we all share in the satisfaction of a job well done.