Advertising Strategy: Passion in business and in advertising

It’s no secret that our firm is a big fan of David Aaker, the globally acknowledged ‘godfather of branding’ (who is a partner an the branding firm Prophet). He has been a personal industry hero to me since the mid-90s (along with the likes of David Ogilvy, Jack Trout and Philip Kotler) and our advertising agency follows his branding principles in the branding work we do for our clients.

Stoking our own advertising fire with branding

With our firm’s co-sponsorship of an annual business speaker event – The Henderson Risk Education Series – we recently saw on Twitter how Mr. Aaker recently ‘liked’ and promoted last year’s speaker, Larry Linne, and his successful book on personal branding, ‘Brand Aid’.

It was a sincere pleasure to have met Larry, hear him speak and then to also enjoy discussing all things branding, risk management and his past life as a player in the National Football League over lunch that day.

Passion is an inherent asset

What was most interesting was seeing Larry speak with nary a projector, PowerPoint deck or any visual aids anywhere to be seen. He simply jumped up on stage, switched on his mic and held the crowd affixed to his stories of life, business and personal branding.

But what really shone through was his passion and his practical approach to what a personal brand can mean to each and every one of us as we move forward in our lives. Here was an individual who wholly believed in his own capabilities and of those around him. Whether it was training for a grueling bike race as an underdog or being engaged in a new, exciting business venture, his passion was the fuel that struck me as his secret ‘personal brand’ weapon.

Business is more than a plan. It’s emotional.

So the question is: are you passionate about what you are doing? Are you passionate about where you are working – or what you are marketing as a product or service? I ask, as a major component of our brand-building and advertising process at Arcas is to not only engage our clients into the development of their unique value propositions, advertising media plans or visual identity guides, it also about accessing and utilizing any inherent passions they might have within their business acumen – that can ultimately help them realize their objectives and goals.


As an example, our ongoing branding and advertising work for Prairie Centre Credit Union (PCCU), is based on a solid foundation of the credit union’s senior management and staff passion for realizing their long-term objective of helping grow their customers’ money.

With PCCU, it isn’t only about running ads with that claim – they truly believe in their objective and have seen customers respond very favourably to their efforts. In example, they received higher than expected Net Promoter Research (NPS) scores in recent surveys developed by Arcas, on key items such as likelihood to recommend, service levels and innovative financial offerings. (See some of the work we have done for PCCU here)

Our own advertising business thrives on passion

Passion can be an absolute business advantage in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It’s wonderful to have, but also easy to lose. At Arcas, we value the passionate team members we have working on all of our clients’ work each and every day. Any employees or team members you may have who demonstrate a passion for what they do should be nurtured and given the chance to allow their passion to help drive your brand and business forward. Success that comes from that passion is something else we all can be passionate about.

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Mike Woroniak
Chief Creative Officer + Managing Partner
Arcas Advertising