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The Arcas Advertising Difference

Posted by Arcas Advertising

We’re proud of our growing reputation for strategic thinking in all that we do and the beneficial value our clients receive from our team’s willingness to ‘go deep’ into their respective problem solves – beyond the ad headlines, latest digital/social media tactics or trendy colour palettes, etc.

This philosophy and practice of strategic thinking has also shaped how we’ve built and run our advertising agency – from day one to this very day. This thinking has culminated into five key aspects we call ‘The Arcas Advertising Difference’ – five aspects that not only help provide ongoing value to our clients and their marketing needs, but also a perspective that provides a foundational framework for our staff to work within to help continue achieving successful, collaborative outcomes for all of our client relationships. Here are the five key aspects:

1.) Research. Then strategy. Then tactics.

You’ll often hear us say that, “Insightful research helps create a sound strategy. And that a sound strategy helps create effective, appropriate advertising.” We believe the best branding and advertising ideas/executions are founded on this principle – as it keys in on real perceptions, wants and needs of the consumer. At Arcas, it is not all that important what we think – it is more important to know and understand what the end consumer and target audience thinks.

(In fact, research is such a key component of our DNA fabric that we did our own intelligence gathering while the agency was being birthed – to help shape and formulate our offering and brand positioning. With just over two dozen clients and ex-clients in our participant group, their inputs, views and feedback helped define and establish some of these very points of differentiation you are currently reading.)

2.) We bill to estimate. Clients get no surprises.

The price a client agrees on at the outset is the amount they pay. This helps our team focus on deliverables and not just the hours it takes to complete them. There’s no bait and switch — we only like good surprises. If for some reason a project needs budget amendments, you are informed and advised for approval during the course of the project’s development, not after.

3.) No award shows? Nope. Meeting client objectives is our shiny trophy.

Our research showed well over 90% of clients felt advertising agencies focused way too much on creative industry awards, versus working to achieve client business results. Thus, we simply don’t enter advertising and design award competitions. Our preference is for our clients to enter competitions and win all the hardware. Their recognition is much more important than ours, as it is their hard work, brands, products/services and resources that truly deserve the kudos. And while we do appreciate some peer and industry recognition (as well as fancy galas), we never want our team to lose focus of the real prize — achieving meaningful results for our clients that help build trusting, long-term business relationships.

4.) Arcas clients are welcomed as co-Creative Directors.

Good ideas should and can come from anyone. This is why our advertising agency embraces client participation in the creative process. In many cases, even the smallest client idea can spark bigger and better things – and client ideas can often end up being the ‘big idea’ that a campaign or creative execution might actually benefit from. We’re not fussy where an idea comes from. If it is the best idea, it gets implemented. No questions asked. As a result, we all share in the satisfaction of a job well done.

5.) A national pool of talent for the job

We’re a small and nimble agency team – by design. We believe in remaining at 
a size that offers agility and adaptability to any of our clients’ marketing solves. We act as the architect and have successfully brought senior and talented associates to the Arcas/client table from a current pool of over twenty four specialists from across the country – from copywriters, media planners and web developers to communications strategists, digital producers and research directors.

This structure and philosophy allows us to provide clients with experienced, on-the-front-line specialists – versus typical shallower agency teams of junior or less experienced people. Business is more competitive than ever now in the digital age and our philosophy is to provide all of our clients with an Arcas team that is able to deliver strategically and creatively – all backed with the right mix of wisdom and marketing/advertising experience.

Please call us at 306.550.1500 – or tweet us at @Arcas_Ad – and let us know what you think of our differentiated approach – and if we can help partner with you to help move your brand’s strategy and business objectives forward. We’d love to hear from you.