Be ready to flip the switch; 6 recommendations for your post-COVID marketing strategy

Bottom Line Up Front: We WILL overcome this pandemic. Make sure your marketing strategy and tactics are ready when it happens so you can flip the switch and go. Six (count ’em, six) recommendations are below.

At the snap of a finger, all advertising has suddenly become old – we can all tell what is pre-COVID-19 right now and what is not. We are working with clients on current situational communications and marketing, but we’re also working with them on what to do when this situation ends. Don’t lose sight of the future while responding to the responses of the now. This moves you from playing defence to playing offence. 

Prepare to “flip the switch”:

  1. Set goals and measurable objectives and tell your team about them. (i.e., For business, “We are going to thrive after this, aiming to have XX more clients/sales by November”…or for NFPs, “We are going to elevate our members and help them succeed; coming out of this with a Net Promoter Score of ___ /or increased donations of 25%” etc.) 
  2. Sketch out your customers and target audiences – and what they will need coming out of this (don’t just think about what you need to say, sell or do).
  3. Know what product, message, or focus you think will fit with your audiences.
  4. Develop a plan A and a plan B.
  5. Plan which channels you’re going to utilize.
  6. Budget for it, both in terms of money and human resources.

Michael Jordan used to say to his competition, “If you are unprepared, I will dominate you.” The companies and organizations that will be ready to soar, will soar.

Remember, flipping a switch looks easy, but behind that plate is a host of technology, energy and wires ready for that moment to ignite.

Be ready to let the light shine.

Brita Lind is the CEO and CCO of Arcas Advertising, a Canadian marketing firm proudly based in Regina, Saskatchewan, that specializes in bringing clarity and creativity to help great companies and organizations flourish.