Paul Stanley memoir also a good lesson in branding

One of the key aspects of any of our branding, marketing or advertising programs at Arcas Advertising is the discipline and commitment to the consistent implementation of a strategy. Paul Stanley’s recent memoir, Face The Music: A Life Exposed, might just Read More


The classics are still singing

New technologies are popping up everyday it seems – smaller tablets, bigger cell phones, phones that are tablets, watches masquerading as televisions and televisions that are computers. These pieces of hardware are really impacting communications and often creating new methods Read More


A case for identity consistency in popular music

Consistent identity application should very much be a key element in any brand’s ongoing marketing and business objectives – even in the category of rock n’ roll. The distinctive logo for the band Chicago (designed by Nick Fasciano) has graced Read More

Smoking Lily Store

Brand small makes big brand noise

Here is a unique testament to the old adage of ‘less is more’. The Smoking Lily is a small retail, B.C.-made fashion and accessory brand that has a couple of locations – with one of the extreme low overhead variety. Read More