Ford logo on front grill

Brand Positioning: Ford, we understand you again.

A brand positioning statement is the guiding philosophy a brand communicates with pride, internally and externally, to position a message in the minds of consumers.


Your Brand’s Position Must Be Clear

When a position is clear, it helps all employees – from customer service representatives to product developers – gauge their actions in terms of a central strategy. Thus, in the 1990s at Ford, saying that “Quality is Job 1” reflected a core organizational value that was communicated internally to employees and externally to consumers.

Ford Quality Is Job 1 Ad

Ford’s Current Brand Position

Today, Ford has done a good job of associating its brand and vehicles with great fuel economy. The “Go Further” tag line has helped position Ford as a viable option against Toyota and Honda as another quality, fuel-efficient choice for automobile buyers.

Ford Go Further Logo

With high gas prices and the push to green and sustainable product options, Ford has developed an appropriate positioning statement in today’s automobile market. Its previous consumer message – “Drive One” – didn’t provide the consumer with any information about the benefits of its products. “Quality is Job one” told us that Ford is focused on making a quality product.  Today’s position says that Ford builds a fuel-efficient product that allows you to go further.

Ford Go Further Ad

Which Automobile Brands Are Well Positioned?

There are many other automobile companies that have done a great job positioning their brands in the minds of consumers:

Volvo – Safety;
Mercedes – Prestige;
BMW – Driving;
Lexus – Luxury;
Honda – Reliability

So, good job Ford, we understand where you are going again. As for everyone else, what positioning do you think Ford is trying to attain? Tweet us @Arcas_Ad and let us know your thoughts or contact us and find out more.

Ryan Howard
Vice President, Account Strategy
Arcas Advertising