Brand small makes big brand noise

Here is a unique testament to the old adage of ‘less is more’. The Smoking Lily is a small retail, B.C.-made fashion and accessory brand that has a couple of locations – with one of the extreme low overhead variety. The Johnson Street location in beautiful Victoria is a mere, closet-like 11 x 4 feet of floor size.

So tiny is this unique offering, only 2 shoppers can be within the four walls – and not without literally being on top of each other. Clothing is displayed way up on the 2-storey high interior wall and a clerk sits on a small chair behind the one entrance door.

Innovative branding helps generate word-of-mouth advertising

Despite being small almost beyond comprehension, the size of the store has generated much positive PR and exposure for the brand. And more than a curiosity, the small outlet indeed offers much-celebrated fashion for many locals, curious visitors and tourists – demonstrating that the best advertising is still a great product or service. As an online magazine recently noted, “The space may be small, but the clothes and accessories are larger than life.” (

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Mike Woroniak
Chief Creative Officer + Managing Partner
Arcas Advertising