Brand Strategy Unique Selling Proposition

Brand Strategy: Dish soap’s Unique Selling Proposition extends beyond the sink

For a winning dish detergent formula that makes cleaning stuck-on food easier than ever, Dawn is a brand many household product consumers turn to everyday. In an interesting extension of product usage, the detergent has fortuitously evolved over the years into an added-value success story with the removal of oil from birds and wildlife affected by accidental spills.

Unique Selling Proposition Works Twice As Hard

With recent oil pollution and environmental situations that happened off the coastline of the southern U.S., Dawn was once again positioned for a unique role in helping save wildlife from the spill’s harmful effects. For 30 years, wildlife rescuers have been using Dawn dishwashing liquid to gently remove oil and help wildlife return to their normal health. Animal rescue organizations choose Dawn because it removes the greasy oil—while being gentle on delicate feathers and skin.

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