Brand Strategy: Brand mascots – are they still relevant?

A client recently asked me if brand mascots are still relevant. My simple answer was yes they are, but you cannot have a brand mascot as a symbol of your brand without first understanding your brand’s personality and how that personality benefits your customers.

Classic Brand Mascots

Brand strategists and authors, like David Aaker, have written many blogs and books about the classic mascots and the messages that they deliver – Tony the Tiger, the Energizer Bunny and the Michelin Man. Not only do they all display emotion for the brand they represent, but also the functional benefits of the product. Tony The Tiger is high energy and active. The Energizer Bunny is upbeat and never runs out of energy, just as the battery it symbolizes lasts longer than the competition. The Michelin Man suggests a tire with strength and energy. And let’s throw in Flaman Man – a local brand mascot. He symbolizes high energy and fitness. Can you name another local fitness store? Not that easy, is it? These brands have all done a great job with consistency over time to reinforce these personalities and the subsequent benefits of their products.

How Brand Personality Sells Product

Brand mascots can be an effective symbol for positioning a brand’s personality to sell its products. This is why it’s very important for brand and marketing managers to fully understand their brand’s personality. Identifying your brand’s personality can help a company in several ways. It can provide a vehicle for customers to express their own identities (Harley Davidson) or simply highlight the functional benefits of the brand (Michelin Man). Identifying your brand’s personality will enrich target audience understanding, contribute to a differentiating identity, guide the communications effort and create equity in your brand.

How Arcas Advertising Can Help Your Brand?

At Arcas, we help clients implement a proven system for identifying the most appropriate personality for their brand. We work with communications and executive teams to harness the power of their personality and align corporate strategy to sustain a competitive advantage.

What is your favourite brand mascot from over the years? What do you believe this personality symbolizes as a brand? This is a good exercise to start to discover your own brand’s personality. Tweet us @Arcas_Ad and let us know your thoughts or contact us and find out more.

Ryan Howard
Vice President, Account Strategy
Arcas Advertising