Paul Spasoff

Brand Communications? Meet Paul Spasoff

Arcas Advertising is pleased to welcome Paul Spasoff to our team – 
even though a few months after the fact 🙂 Paul is a twenty-year communications veteran and joined our firm in the early fall of 2014. He brings Arcas’ Read More

Personality goes a long way in business.

By Ryan Howard – Vice President, Account Strategy, Arcas Advertising Identifying your brand’s personality is good business, as it will enhance understanding of your organization, differentiate you from your competitors, guide your communications efforts, and create brand equity. How Brand Read More

Ford logo on front grill

Brand Positioning: Ford, we understand you again.

A brand positioning statement is the guiding philosophy a brand communicates with pride, internally and externally, to position a message in the minds of consumers. Your Brand’s Position Must Be Clear When a position is clear, it helps all employees Read More