Data and research-driven ad strategy never goes out of style

Posted by Mike Woroniak, Chief Creative Officer + Managing Partner, Arcas Advertising

Today, the competitive modern business economy is awash in data. Many organizations struggle with how to turn unstructured streams of incoming data into actionable insight.

Utilizing data

Specialized data-driven solutions lead to deeper understanding of a business, its customers, its industry and perhaps most importantly, being strategically leveraged to improve advertising response rates that can yield a brand large financial gains and competitive market share. Even anecdotal, observed or ‘desktop research’ can yield data insights that can help formulate a focused advertising plan of attack.

Insight and advertising is a powerful combo

Advertising, online/digital, direct marketing and analytical data are all still intertwined at the hip. Good marketing decisions are data-driven and can be a company’s most important asset. But often it’s under-utilized and/or overlooked.

Whether the goal is awareness, new customer acquisition, upsell/upgrade, or customer retention, it’s crucial that the right message along with the right offer is made to the right person. Utilizing strategic creative solutions in tandem with research findings allow for more predictability to an ad planning model and can directly help raise response rates on all tactics undertaken.

Targeting the advertising message is fundamental

A data-driven marketing strategy can identify how to resource the data to increase sales and maximize marketing efforts by utilizing the information in creative and innovative ways. When analyzing data, it’s possible to shape more sophisticated and targeted messages, as well as implement successful and cost-effective marketing strategies for acquisition, retention or reactivation.

Thus, by avoiding customers, households or mediums with a low propensity to respond, client-marketing dollars are more efficiently routed and ROI cost is reduced.

At Arcas, we ensure that all avenues of media tactics are considered to reach our clients’ audiences effectively. Our agency thrives on being ‘media-agnostic’ – what medium or mediums that work the best should be the mediums considered (versus what is new, trendy or perhaps a favourite medium of an ad agency.)

And while online media has successfully moved into the realm of a bonafide budget allocation in many advertising mixes, even direct marketing can still play a valuable role when utilized effectively. The same can be said for guerilla tactics or any other medium that is strategically appropriate.

Proper data interpretation is a must

Regardless the medium, research and data analytics are proven tools to help assist in developing any advertising agency-led client media planning at Arcas.

It is also important to note that insightful interpretation and analysis of any data is very key to its utilization for implementation. Our senior ad strategy team has a wealth of experience and client successes to provide proper and effective interpretation of data inputs and resources.

Please view the following links from our portfolio case studies to see a few samples where the combination of acquired or determined data, strategic analysis/insights and appropriate creative advertising solutions made an impact on client objectives and end results in a successful manner.