For Dummies books are good ad agency reading

Posted by Mike Woroniak, Chief Creative Officer + Managing Partner, Arcas Advertising

We all have read and accumulated certain business books in our lifetime that have become cherished possessions – to perhaps help grow and foster our career aspirations, industry perspectives and/or just to sharpen and enhance our good old ‘how-to’ job knowledge. It is no different in the advertising business – we are always looking to learn and grow as students of the industry. And good business-related books are always a great way to achieve this desire and need.

The unsung hero of business books

The For Dummies book series is a book offering that likely gets very little fanfare on most people’s top business book lists, if any. However, with myself usually being ever the contrarian, this extensive and comprehensive series of instructional/reference books has three titles in my top ten alone. For Dummies offers easy to digest, non-intimidating guidance for the reader via knowledgeable authors/contributors who are not dummies at all (pardon the pun). Any business book can claim to deliver guidance, but how one implements any of the content is another matter all together. For Dummies provides practical and executable content, in easy to develop applications.

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A classic branding case study in itself

Editions are published in many languages all over the world. The series is branded distinctively in a consistent yellow and black cover design format with the highly recognizable cartoon person known as ‘Dummies Man’. A blackboard-like logo also always adorns the cover to suggest the learning and instructional aspect of the brand’s offerings. Not an overly fancy design, one might say, but an approach that is inherent with simple and slavishly-consistent branding brilliance that, IMHO, has become one of the most instantly recognizable brands in the world.

Standing amongst advertising and marketing giants

The titles Advertising for DummiesStrategic Planning for Dummies and Branding for Dummies all have endearing spots in my top business books list – and right up alongside advertising, marketing and branding titles from noted and celebrated industry giants like David Aaker, David Ogilvy, Philip Kotler, Jane Maas and Laura and Al Ries. In my books, good business reading is good business reading – regardless of the author’s background or notoriety.

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Something for everyone

Easy to read. Instructional. Humourous. All jam-packed with foundational perspective. These are just a few of the ways to describe the For Dummies series. And whether its learning more about branding, brushing up on HTML5 techniques or mastering gardening techniques, this global success story might just have some excellent insight on the topic you need to tackle, for business or otherwise.

For Dummies just might be for you

Take it from this dummy, I highly recommend you peek at the series next time your browse your favourite bookstore – online or at the good old bricks and mortar variety.

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