Great Customer Service and Great Products Equal Great Advertising

Posted by Mike Woroniak, Chief Creative Officer + Managing Partner, Arcas Advertising

Ever experience customer service at a place of business that actually exceeds your expectations? While sometimes a rare occurrence for many of us, good service does still in fact exist. And when experienced in an era where levels of service seem to be waning rapidly, consumer expectations can be blown away when a brand actually meets and/or exceeds usual expectations. These types of experiences can become a major step in creating resounding brand loyalty within a large contingent of satisfied and happy return customers.

A Canadian Brand Story of Service Success

For me, Kal Tire is one such brand that seems to go above and beyond each time I experience their services.

Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer and North America’s largest commercial tire dealer. Founded by Tom Foord in 1953, and based in Vernon, B.C., Kal Tire has expanded steadily and now employs more than 5,400 team members internationally.


Not only is Kal Tire staff always welcoming and genuinely friendly, they provide prompt answers and options on solutions to your vehicle’s needs – and maybe most importantly, always speak to you as a valued customer. In five experiences at the Kal store near our office (111 McDonald Street, Regina, SK), I have yet to be dissatisfied or encounter an employee who wasn’t helpful and pleasant. The real kicker of their service delivery is when they fixed a tire of mine that had a significantly-sized screw embedded in the threads – at no charge. No charge?? You can bet that type of service will keep me coming back – and I’d even be happy to pay a little more for their services, knowing I will always be respected as a valued customer.

Positive word-of-mouth advertising ain’t so shabby either

There’s great truth to the old adage, “The best advertising is a great product or service.” It’s one of my personal favourites and one that I stress to our clients when we are developing and positioning their brands in one of our brand workshops, or through their ongoing advertising strategy tactics we are responsible for. When brands can consistently deliver with great products and great service, they can expect to experience the next best type of advertising: positive word-of-mouth. In fact, my experiences with Kal Tire have been so good I’ve been compelled to tweet and post on social media about them several times, as shown below:

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