It’s all about a tennis ball

Imagine if you’re learning to play tennis. You have a friendly tennis instructor lobbing a ball at you that you may (or may not) hit.

Now imagine your instructor sending 10…15 balls your way all at once.

That would suck. Why? Because your mind cannot track that many objects. (Do you see where we’re going with this?)

The same goes with advertising. People are bombarded with anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 messages a day.* As an advertiser, maybe you’re doing a radio spot or an online campaign. You think, “I’m paying good money for this campaign. I want to put as many messages in it as possible.”

Too many tennis balls.

Your money is better spent on putting one main message in a social media campaign, a radio spot, a tv ad, a digital ad–anything advertising. Because your consumer is way more likely to hit one tennis ball than 10.

And there’s your little advertising ditty for today.

Have a great day.

Brita Lind
CEO, CCO Arcas Advertising

*I love the asterisk, really. It’s one of the best little message centres in advertising where we can sneak in messages like “Arcas does digital strategy as well as advertising.” By the way, this stat came from Forbes (