Pampers has become more than a diaper company to me. 

Posted by Ryan Howard, Vice-President, Account Strategy

The Pampers Village website is now my resource for all things pertaining to my 7 month old baby.


Why? Pampers has developed a shared interest program around something beyond a functional benefit like price, leakage protection or comfort.

I expect that all diapers deliver on this in 2015. What Pampers has done is provide me with information on how to care for my baby, like providing tips on how to keep him safe while he sleeps. This has ultimately attracted me in a much more powerful and emotional way to the brand. The benefit for Pampers with this strategy is that emotional brand connections are harder to disrupt than functional connections, like price. I now see Pampers as an authority on babies, so I assume that their products would deliver as well. I’m now a loyal Pampers customer.


How does the shared interest program work?

I entered my baby’s information to Pampers Village and Pampers follows my child’s development, providing me tips and strategies on everything from sleeping to feeding. It provides me with information from our pregnancy to 24 + months.


For Pampers, they benefit by having a loyal customer following, which they reward with product discounts.



What solidified my respect for Pampers?

At the 6 week mark I received an email from them indicating that my child’s nervous system may be causing them to be more stimulated, and provided strategies on how to settle infants at 6 weeks.  What a relief for a father who has been up with a crying baby all night.


I have been so impressed with how effective this advice is that I decided to write this blog to promote the brand. Thus, a shared interest program should stimulate a social network, just like me sharing this information about my great experience with Pampers and you possibly sharing this blog or talking about it with friends or colleagues.

How could this work for other industries?

For a bank, this may be a shared interest program on saving or investing;
for clothing retailers it may be tips on fashion; for a travel insurance company it may be travel destination and safety advice.

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