Brand By Design: Paul Stanley memoir also a good lesson in branding

One of the key aspects of any of our branding, marketing or advertising programs at Arcas Advertising is the discipline and commitment to the consistent implementation of a strategy. Paul Stanley’s recent memoir, Face The Music: A Life Exposed, might just provide a key insight into what we mean by consistency in the branding world.

Branding Can Be ‘So Rock and Roll’

To be certain, the KISS frontman’s book delves into the expected rock and roll lifestyle of concert tour escapades, frivolous spending, sex, fancy hotels and fast cars (as well as exposing some of his bandmates’ intimate secrets and habits). But the underlying story in this book is one of a band that transcended the usual rock genre marketing schtick to really become a ‘band as a brand’ –a band that took its brand assets very seriously.

Applying Branding Fundamentals

Many passages within the book circle back to Stanley and/or bandmate Gene Simmons returning to their fundamental marketing instincts of ‘sticking to the plan’ of being KISS – vibrant makeup, energetic live shows, a wide array of desirable merchandise and, of course, fan accessibility. Ultimately, their plan is about giving fans what they really wanted and paid good dollars to experience.

The Stage As Advertising and Research Mediums

Although the band did stretch some of its musical aspirations every so often – artistically or record label-enforced – its fame and dedicated following has been amassed on a brand that has always stood for ‘a good, fun time’ based on the fantasy of escape from life’s often humdrum landscape.

Life on the road and in the studio for KISS – from its humble beginnings of playing in greasy clubs to stadiums around the globe – also provided insights into brand research that it used to help win the hearts and minds of its audience over time. Mixed with a passion and spirit to always perform at its best for the audience (can you say customer service?) and worldwide record sales of more than 100 million, the branding and marketing lessons are a-plenty in this rock and roll sector memoir.

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