Personality goes a long way in business.

By Ryan Howard – Vice President, Account Strategy, Arcas Advertising

Identifying your brand’s personality is good business, as it will enhance understanding of your organization, differentiate you from your competitors, guide your communications efforts, and create brand equity.

How Brand Personality Can Change Your Company’s Image

Understanding personality can help augment a somewhat conservative personality like an insurance company. Since 1999, the Geico (Government Employees Insurance Company) Gecko has added energy and a sincere personality to the Geico brand.

Geico Gecko image

The Human Characteristics that Make Up Your Brand

It’s important for brand managers to dig into the human characteristics associated with their brands. This includes gender, age and socioeconomic class, as well as human personality traits such as warmth, sophistication and sincerity. For decades marketers have used sophisticated techniques to segment their customers into psychographic sets, which has allowed them to dig deeper than simple demographics to target messages. At the core of psychographic segmentation lies the recognition that all human behaviour derives from a small set of fundamental personality traits, which are: Sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness.

By isolating these fundamentals of human behaviour, we can build profiles of what is driving the behaviour of our target audiences. Example: The Marlboro Man = ruggedness.

Marlboro Man image

A distinctive local brand personality – The Italian Star Deli

Many people in Regina know of the fun loving and genuine personality of Carlo Giambattista – the owner of the Italian Star Deli. Carlo’s personality truly takes customer service to an entirely new level. As a result, the brand personality perception of the Italian Star Deli is much like the owner: sincere. Other personality facets of this business are genuine, cheerful, old fashioned, original and family oriented.

Personality goes a long way in business and Carlo is a great example. People go to the Italian Star Deli for great sandwiches and imported specialties, but they also go there for the atmosphere and personality that greets them when they walk in the door.

If the Italian Star Deli were to have a brand mascot, it would be Carlo Giambattista. He represents the essence of the Italian Star Deli brand and is the driving force behind its vibe in our community. (

Carlo Giambattista

Why understanding your brand’s personality is so important?

Branding is about emotionally connecting with people. You have a better chance of unlocking the potential of your organization’s brand if you understand its underlying emotional associations. By exploring your brand’s personality, you shift the conversation away from business speak and into the emotional world of consumer perceptions and feelings.

The personality your brand has today could be completely wrong for the audience you serve, the market you’re targeting and/or where you’re headed tomorrow. Finding clarity
and confidence in your brand’s personality reveals powerful insights into your organization’s internal culture.

If there is a primary reason to strategically engineer your brand’s personality inside and out, it is to define the customer experience you deliver.

Arcas Can Help Your Company Discover its Personality

At Arcas, we can help you implement a proven system for identifying the most appropriate personality for your brand. We work to harness the power of your brand and align it with your business objectives to help you gain an advantage over your competitors.