Cornwall Centre is the largest and most diverse shopping centre in southern Saskatchewan. Situated in the heart of downtown Regina, it is the city’s marquee fashion centre – containing over 90 stores. The centre is connected to nine of the city’s prime downtown office buildings as well the largest casino and hotel/convention centre in the region.

Cornwall Centre & Arcas Advertising

Arcas was selected as Cornwall’s agency of record in 2013 and has developed a simplified creative brand platform and several fashion destination advertising campaigns since acquiring the account. As well, Arcas senior staff has been responsible for an extensive brand and product research program that extends well over the past decade. These ongoing insights are a large part of the strategic counsel our agency provides for the centre’s ongoing strategic retail mix, user experience measurement, branding and competitive advertising initiatives.

Cornwall Spring 2016 Outdoor

Cornwall Spring 2016 Superboard

Cornwall Spring 2016 Social