Information Services Corporation (ISC) is a publicly-traded (TSX:ISV) Saskatchewan business corporation responsible for the development, management and administration of: registries – land titles, personal property, corporate and survey registries; geographic information; and access to government services for people and business.

The Challenge

When ISC selected Arcas Advertising as their agency of record, the Crown Corporation’s visual identity portrayed an overall inconsistency within their marketing and communications materials. The visual communication of the brand was fragmented – and which if not remedied, would potentially affect long-term brand esteem and credibility for business growth and performance expectations.

The Thinking

Arcas Advertising undertook a visual identity audit of ISC’s marketing materials – within both offline and online applications – for a ‘brand consistency assessment’ that assisted in the determination of the problem’s scope. Once articulated, this was followed by Arcas’ strategic design recommendations that worked to enable ISC with an immediately consistent visual identity system.

The Result

Arcas’s solution incorporated key aspects from the ISC logo that strategically utilized the logo’s established equity of colour (black and gun metal blue), shape (the circle) and typography (the font, Lubalin) – strategically yielding elements that would provide familiar foundational elements for the new identity look. This simple, yet purposeful approach, has allowed the wide scope of ISC external and internal visual communications to be presented clearly and holistically to all key audiences and stakeholders in their market landscape.

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