Information Services Corporation (ISC) – a former Saskatchewan Crown Corporation – is a publicly-traded (TSX:ISV) business corporation responsible for the development, management and administration of registries – land titles, personal property, corporate and survey registries; geographic information; and access to government services for people and business. Arcas Advertising is their Agency of Record.

The Challenge

When ISC selected Arcas Advertising as their agency of record, their communications team was seeking an advertising strategy and campaign execution to create an ‘emotional brand connection’ with Saskatchewan audiences. Being a monopoly registry service – at the time – offered very little opportunity to communicate on an emotional level with audiences. Creating an ad strategy to begin acquiring emotional brand equity would help support and substantiate their spirited community service program initiative they had created as well as create a significant sense of pride amongst employees.

The Thinking

Arcas Advertising delved deep into ISC’s product/service offerings and past advertising efforts to audit what had been produced – and what could possibly help assist in bringing an emotional brand aspect to life.

Our team unearthed ISC’s annual listing of the ‘top baby names’ chosen for new births in the province, that is aggregated through the provincial birth registry offering. Baby births and the naming process parents go through was considered by our team as an exceptional way to connect ISC with their audiences more emotively. We simply asked ourselves, “Who doesn’t love babies?”

Arcas also surveyed online book retailer websites/inventory for how many actual baby name titles existed. Thousands were revealed, setting the tone for how effective this opportunity might be.

Research also indicated that expecting parents were searching more and more online for baby name inspiration.

The ad strategy and creative were developed for online-only placements, with Facebook and Google AdWords added to the media mix of online banner ads. The creative was a simple display of three baby names for girls – or boys – with corresponding cute baby imagery and a call-to-action ‘click prompt’, inviting the viewer to see the most popular names on the ISC website.

The Result

ISC website traffic exploded as the campaign’s 5-week buy ran its flight. By the last week of the campaign, site traffic was up forty five hundred percent (4500%) versus traffic counts prior to the campaign’s commencement.

As well, Google content click through results measured at 0.21% (more than double the industry average of 0.08/0.09%) while MSN placements measured at 0.25% (nearly triple the industry average of 0.08/0.09%).

Client’s measure of anecdotal feedback from their target audience was also very positive and favourable for initial gains into their emotive brand equity metrics.