Prairie Centre Credit Union (PCCU) is a western Saskatchewan-based credit union providing a full suite of financial products and services to the residents, organizations and businesses in their trading area.

The Challenge

PCCU aimed to increase their ‘share of wallet’ within the hard-to-reach millennial demographic of the credit union’s growing membership. How to convince this audience on the importance of beginning to invest for retirement was the big challenge – as this demographic was already used to enjoying often expensive expenditures like fashion jeans, lattes and new vehicle payments.

The Thinking

Arcas Advertising created a mail-to-web strategy that communicated the importance of beginning a long-term investment strategy early in adult life, as well as how easy it could be to begin saving by spending a little less on everyday items. The audience was mailed a brochure that incentivized them to respond and book an investment appointment with a PCCU investment advisor – and to also watch an engaging online video that further described easy money-saving techniques and some prize incentives for doing so.

The Result

The result was a very positive reception to the materials and an outstanding 20.3% response rate for actual appointment bookings – far exceeding an initial 2.5 – 4.0% response projection.