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Brand Value Proposition: Self-expressive benefits

Recently, I purchased a used Landrover. I didn’t make the purchase in order to cruise the trails and backroads of rural Saskatchewan. Nor did I buy the vehicle with hopes of saving money on repairs. In fact, the reason I purchased the vehicle was for its self-expressive benefits.

I liked the way I felt driving the Landrover versus my Nissan. Although the Landrover has great functional benefits, it truly was the emotional benefits that attracted me to the brand.

Landrover vs Nissan

Functional versus Emotional Benefits

Sometimes the functional benefit of a product or service just isn’t enough to stand apart from the pack. Sometimes it’s parity at best.

A functional benefit is appealing at a different level than an emotional benefit. Does Landrover make a better SUV than Nissan? Does Harley Davidson make a better motorcycle than Honda? I’m not too sure, but I can tell you the emotional self-expressive benefits of those brands certainly are more prevalent. Thus, it makes sense to move beyond functional benefits and consider self-expressive, social and emotional benefits as a basis for the value proposition of your brand.

Self-expressive benefits allow brands to become symbols of a person’s self-concept. They can provide a vehicle by which a person can express his or her self. When a brand provides a self-expressive benefit, the connection between the brand and the customer is likely to be heightened.

Honda vs Harley

Be a Charismatic Brand

Brands that can get past the functional benefits and communicate an emotional benefit will build a valuable emotional connection and trust with their customers.

This famous John Caples ad is a classic example of connecting at an emotional level. The ad does not show or describe any functional benefit, but it describes how learning to play the piano will make you feel. This example is one of the first headlines that really sold an emotional benefit of a product or service.

They Laughed Whne I Sat Down

How Arcas Can Help Your Brand?

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Ryan Howard
Vice President, Account Strategy
Arcas Advertising